The Basics

Welcome to The Merger Verger.

I started this blog to create a dialogue, share best practices, and discuss the nuances of the business, not really to teach Acquisition Integration 101.  There are tons of materials out there that offer that information already, a lot of it too good for me to attempt to outdo.

So I will handle “The Basics” in two different ways: first by providing some suggestions of what I have found to be the more useful books and introductory resources and then by offering up specific comments and recommendations every now and again aimed at the less experienced. 

You should not find anything in The Merger Verger to be off-putting or too highfalutin for you; the site aims at real world, actionable discussions.  (One of the things I respected most about the pre-Murdoch Wall Street Journal was their way of defining advanced terms in a way that insulted neither the expert nor the newbie.)  If there is anything unclear or that raises a question, feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.  And as always, I am open to all ideas and suggestions.  This is a “continuous improvement” blog (he says hopefully).

Thanks.  Enjoy.


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