I Told You So (She Coulda’ Said)

One of the painful truths of business is that once in a while you are right and it doesn’t become obvious until it’s triage time. Such is the case at HP, as its well-publicized acquisition of Autonomy Corp. (2011) has destroyed more shareholder value than a whole battalion of court jesters and Shakespearean fools.  How could a board of directors ignore the clear and direct advice of its CFO?  Because it had (past tense) a CEO on a mission.

And what does the board say to a CFO like Catherine Lesjak when the dust has settled? “Oh, gee, I guess you were right.  Would you mind hanging around for a while and cleaning the whole freaking mess up for us?  That would be great.”

Come on, really?

Autonomy (Oh No)

In a short but insightful article in CFO Magazine, there are some useful lessons for all of mergerdom.  The Merger Verger offers an annotated copy of the article below:

HP Finance Chief Shines amid Scandal


Why an Acquisition Integration Blog?

I had scanned the internet and blogland as much as I cared to and still not found any kind of satisfactory forum for dialogue on the subject of acquisition integration.  Even the integration-related groups on LinkedIn seemed pretty inactive or, well, sort of lame. So I launched The Merger Verger to lay some observations and opinions out there and to see who and what came back.

This is important stuff folks; a lot of shareholder value hangs in the balance.

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