A Galaxy of Acquired Brands

Entering the new year, The Merger Verger is watching one particular transaction that has good strategic intent and sensible (bordering on downright modest) synergy goals written between the lines of the announcement hyperbole: Newell Rubbermaid’s (NWL.N) purchase of Jarden Corporation (JAH.N) for cash and stock.

Each of these companies has an enormous stable of consumer brands (on which more below); together the list is mind boggling. And each company has grown over the years through acquisitions. It is tempting to quibble (or even judge harshly) that Jarden acquired more like a financial buyer (using acquisitions to build critical mass) whereas Newell Rubbermaid acquired more like a strategic buyer. But that would be splitting hairs.

NR-J strategic rationale

Both companies know how to do deals. And both companies know how to integrate them into a larger whole. So the deal could have gone either way. In fact, Jarden founder Martin Franklin said, “If we had the multiple and we had the market cap, we’d be the buyer.” But from an integration perspective, The Merger Verger sees it as good news that the “strategic” buyer has come out the winner. (It’s also good news that no one is bandying about that hideous old saw “merger of equals.”) All tolled, the chances of this deal achieving its strategic intent would seem good.



The number of consumer brands represented by the combined entity in this deal (to be rechristened “Newell Brands”) is way too big to list but it is very impressive indeed. The key names are listed in the deal press announcement, available by clicking here.

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