Gunslinger Wisdom

What does a gunslinger/cowhand know about acquisition integration? At least one useful thing in the Merger Verger’s view. The following quote comes from the kids/adult classic western novel Shane by Jack Schaefer:

Don’t let things being quiet fool you. When there’s noise, you know where to look and what’s happening. When things are quiet, you’ve got to be most careful.Shane

That’s a subtle concept in acquisition integration and one that trips up a lot of folks. “Quiet” may mean that troubles are over but – as Shane himself suggests – it may also mean that touchy issues are festering in silence.

Your choices are basically two:

  1. Praise the God of your understanding for a smooth and now-finished integration process; or
  2. Dig deeper and find out what is really going on.

For more thoughts on this important but oft-misunderstood topic in an earlier posting, Click here.Album cover: Shane sountrack

About the Art: Shane was first published in book form 1949.  Cover illustration from the original Dell paperback edition (top) and album cover from the soundtrack of the 1953 Paramount movie (bottom).


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