Super-Mega Merger: Sun to “Acquire” Venus

Tomorrow – and tomorrow only – the Sun will “acquire” Venus.  Be sure not to miss it (but don’t look too hard)!

If you are trying to conjure up a thread that connects the “Transit of Venus” with acquisition integration, don’t bother.  I just think the concept is cool.

The so-called “transit” occurs when the planet Venus comes precisely between the sun and the earth so that we can see the planet in silhouette against the sun, small but definitely visible.  The process – from entering into the sun’s path to leaving it – will take about six hours but will only be visible the entire time in the western US (the sun will set in more eastern regions before the transit is complete).

I urge you to check it out. Of course, The Merger Verger cannot promise that the weather will cooperate but I can promise that if you miss this one, you’re toast.  The next transit won’t occur until 2117.

And speaking of toast, unless you want to sauté you retinas, do not look directly at Venus as she transits the sun.  (Construct a viewing apparatus similar to that shown below or Google other safe ways to view it.)

Happy trails.

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