Why an Acquisition Integration Blog?

I had scanned the internet and blogland as much as I cared to and still not found any kind of satisfactory forum for dialogue on the subject of acquisition integration.  Even the integration-related groups on LinkedIn seemed pretty inactive or, well, sort of lame. So I launched The Merger Verger to lay some observations and opinions out there and to see who and what came back.

This is important stuff folks; a lot of shareholder value hangs in the balance.

Acquisition integration is a great topic and there is a ton of things we could talk about.   Let me toss out a couple of ticklish issues as potential starters:

  • When should the integration process start in a deal?  Just as importantly, how long should it go on?
  • Are finance and accounting types – many of whom number-paint their ways through life – the right ones to lead an integration process?
  • Are CEOs and CFOs really beginning to get the need for integration analysis in the deal planning stages?
  • Is integration still too “soft” a process to have the power to kill a potential deal-from-Hell before it happens?
  • What responsibility does (or should) an investment banker play in incorporating acquisition integration into the structuring and pricing of a deal?
  • Are due diligence checklists useful aides or just CYA tools that discourage actual thinking?
  • And when all that information is collected, what’s the right thing to do with it?  How often does due diligence information get collected with the result merely being a check mark in some box?

There are hundreds of giant companies out there that have well-developed systems for managing effective integrations.  This blog is not aimed at them; it is aimed at the thousands of smaller companies who do not do acquisitions every day but who could benefit from the thinking and experiences – good and bad – of others who have been through the process many times before.

So, Greetings.  I am always open to others’ ideas or suggestions for topics and, of course, welcome comments and dialogue.  Thanks for reading The Merger Verger.


from The Merger Verger's collection of vintage road maps

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